Join the digital transformation to meet your supporters where they are. With Kilter, you'll be able to host custom activity based fundraising events that attract and engage supporters, add value for sponsors, and raise money easier than ever before.

We’re flexible, customizable, and shape to the needs of your specific community. Kilter is the perfect compliment to your organization's existing event strategy!

Participants raise up to 3x more on kilter than general fundraising platforms

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*Based on prior events

virtual activity-based fundraising

Customize Your Event

Choose from a menu of options or completely customize your event, from a standard steps challenge to an all inclusive event that allows anyone to participate no matter their age, location, or activity level.

Our dedicated team will work with you to build the best event for your community.

Attract & Engage

Before and during your event, you'll receive direct assistance from us to run a successful campaign.

Our team will create marketing and communication materials for you, while helping you promote the event to attract a highly engaged audience and build your virtual community.

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Achieve Your Goals

The primary objective of every event with Kilter is to help you achieve your engagement and revenue goals.

Put your feet up, because with Kilter's seamless, easy-to-use platform that's built to engage today's health and fitness-oriented population, we'll make reaching your goals a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My organization has chapters all over the place. Can we set up an event to compete with each other?

Yes! Some friendly, healthy competition is an amazing motivator. We can set up your event as a team-based challenge where each team is a different chapter. Chapters will compete for grand prize donation awards and organization-wide bragging rights! Set up a demo to tell us more about your vision for your event.

I have an idea for an event type that is not listed above. Can we customize our events?

Yes! Set up a demo with us and tell us more about your vision for your event. Our system is very flexible and can be custom-to-your-needs.

What type of marketing & communications will you help us with?

Kilter will do all of the grunt-work to set you up for success. You'll receive custom audience facing marketing fliers, custom sponsorship fliers, and a out-of-the-box messaging and content toolkit which includes email campaign messaging, social media posts, newsletters snippets, corporate sponsor outreach messaging, and influencer messaging. Our team will also help you by sharing a communication timeline for you to follow leading up to and during your event.

What should people do if they have technical issues?

Our support team is always available to assist your community with any questions or issues they need help with. Our support team can be reached at friends@kilterrewards.com.

Can you share participant info with us?

Yes! Anyone that makes the choice to join your custom event is releasing their name and email address for you to use to re-engage supporters and to send thank you notes.

What other data will you share with us?

We'll share aggregate data on fundraising totals and a breakdown of channels through which you're receiving funds (i.e., paid entries, in-app donations, peer-to-peer pledges), metrics on event participation, and detailed breakdowns on the types of activities your supporters are completing (i.e., running distance, steps, active minutes, gym visits, bike mileage).