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Kilter Rewards free monthly challenges enable you to compete on a global leaderboard to win cash, prizes, and donations for your favorite charity, simply by staying healthy and active!

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Stay active and healthy.
Win cash, prizes and donations for your favorite charities!

Kilter Rewards is a gamified healthy living and charitable giving platform. Earn points within events for completing daily exercise goals. Compete in free public challenges, custom virtual fundraising events, or within your employers customized program.







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Kilter combines two of your most important employee engagement initiatives: wellness & charitable giving. Learn more about how Kilter can help you keep employees connected, motivated to be healthy, and improve your customer net promoter scores.



Looking for a new tool to engage your donor base and attract new supporters? Use Kilter Rewards as a resource to promote healthy lifestyles across your community! Learn more about our custom virtual fitness fundraising events and how we can help increase your annual fundraising goals.


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Becoming a sponsor for one of Kilter Rewards events helps you reach a highly engaged target audience of health and fitness conscious people.

Choose to sponsor our monthly public free or paid events, or sponsor a specific event for one of our partner charities that align with your goals.

With Kilter, up to 70% of your sponsorship dollars are tax deductible.



Dane County Diaper Bank
“Kilter Rewards has provided an effortless new revenue stream for the Dane County Diaper Bank - no length grant applications, email campaigns, or ongoing deliverables so we can continue to focus on doing good in our community. It has also allowed us to engage our supporters in a mutually beneficial way, as well as attract new donors who had never heard of us prior to joining a Kilter challenge.”
-Megan S., Executive Director
Gabriel H.
“I'm motivated by the charitable activities that take place along with a little competitive bug I have in me. My morning rituals prepare me for the day: meditate, cycle, do jumping jacks, squats, stretch, plank push-ups, leg lifts, and some free weight routines. I also go on evening walks with the dogs and weekend bike rides.”
Ryan R.
“I support Dane County Humane Society. I like the accountability that it holds me to. The rewards are a bonus but, Kilter keeps me on track for my overall health and fitness goals.”
Elle S.
“I enjoy fitness challenges, especially when they are with a group and for a cause. I am excited my company is using Kilter to promote a healthy lifestyle and give to a good cause.”
Kathy C.
“I am so excited to share my acceptance to the Kilter Rewards program and my Relay for Life promise. The Kilter Rewards program has inspired me to move something every day! Whether I walk, run, lift weights, do sit ups, or take the stairs, the program helps to remind me to move something.”
Dane County Humane Society
“Dane County Humane Society is proud to partner with local businesses! Thank you to everyone who chose DCHS as your nonprofit beneficiary and to Kilter Rewards for including us in this project. As a local, nonprofit animal shelter, we rely on the support of our community to care for over 9,000 animals each year. Thanks to Kilter Rewards for helping to make that possible!”
-Sarah L., Development Supervisor
Natalie C.
“Kilter Rewards is the wind beneath my wings. The challenge makes me feel like I'm a part of something much larger than myself. I love that my coworkers have become my teammates, and the impact we can make through the challenge reaches far beyond the walls of our office.”
Barb R.
“The company I work for, NeuGen, is competing in the Spring Cause Challenge. I was motivated to join this challenge through Kilter Rewards because Kilter will be donating $1,000 to a charity of the winning team's choice. And, so far, NeuGen is in the lead! And, if exercising will provide funds to people who need it, I will participate 365 days a year.”