Kilter provides custom activity based challenge events to engage and build your race community, support local or national charity partners, add indispensable value for sponsors, and help you achieve engagement beyond your wildest dreams.



Participants will be able engage no matter their age, demographic, geographic location, or activity level. Whether they run, swim, practice yoga, meditate, play pickleball, or ask for donations, we make it easy to include anyone and everyone in your events.

With access to tens of thousands of users in Kilter's network, we'll help you retain your current participant base while also growing a new audience with ease!


In the ever-changing world, you are required to meet your participants where they are, which is increasingly at home and on their phones.

Kilter allows you to foster community through live interactive leaderboards, custom push notifications, and other tools like our easy to use text-to-donate functionality.

For your sponsors, Kilter will build custom in-app ads and custom push notifications to give them direct and high value exposure.


Whether you already have charity partners or not, Kilter's integrated donation functionality makes it easier than ever before to raise more money for charity.

Tying these features into your custom challenges will create a stronger connection with your participants while giving you a hassle free tool to give back to your community.


"Kilter was a bright light in a sea of
dim virtual conversations around
the Detroit Free Press Marathon
charity program. Kilter allowed all
of our participants to engage in a
competitive and fun way to earn
points, climb the leaderboard and
earn donations for their charities
and prizes for themselves. I would
encourage all events to use Kilter
as an additive experience for all
participants to grow their community!"

-Charity Program Director
I liked checking out the
leaderboard every day to
encourage me to stay on track.
There were days that I felt like
skipping a ride, but seeing my
name on the list along with
everyone else kept me motivated
to do my best.

-Spoketober Participant