People want to work for companies that make them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Kilter helps you achieve your goals by giving you an easy way to combine two of your most important engagement initiatives:
employee well-being and charitable giving.




It’s no surprise that it’s exceedingly difficult to recruit and keep top talent.
Offering benefits like Kilter that demonstrate your commitment to your employees health and personal interests will make a difference in their decision to accept a job, or stay with you.


Recent global events have driven us further into a world of remote work and physical disconnection. It's easy to feel alone when you are...alone.

With Kilter, your employees will have a tool that keeps them connected, engaged, and motivated to stay healthy. All while helping fulfill your philanthropic endeavors.


Your customers care about aligning themselves with brands and services that make our world a better place.

Let us do the work to help you show off your impact on health and community, while you sit back and watch your customer satisfaction scores rise!


Request a demo to see Kilter in action and learn more about the option that works for your organization.


Choose A
Campaign Type

Run a one-time campaign OR set up a monthly recurring benefit option. Choose between setting up your campaign for one charity, or allow your employees to choose their charity!

Tell us your campaign donation limit and assign a $$ amount employees will earn per daily health activity. We'll do the rest!

Employees Complete Daily Exercise Goals

Employees will connect to their health trackers, check into their gyms or studios, or self-report any approved wellness activity to earn daily credits!

Inclusiveness is Key: Kilter is built on the foundation of meeting minimum daily goals, which inspires and encourages all employees of all activity levels to participate.

Employees Earn Daily Donation Contributions

When employees complete a daily goal, they’ll receive a notification telling them they’ve earned a donation, sponsored by you!

During the campaign, employees will collaborate to earn as much as they can towards the charity(s) you're raising money for.


Pricing set on a per campaign, per month basis.
of earned contributions
Set up a a monthly recurring program as an optional employee benefit. You will be charged based on the amount of donations earned by your employees.

Donation Pledge
Customize your donation limit for your campaigns.
Your campaign donation pledge is at your discretion.

We recommend budgeting for a $1 contribution per participating employee, per day.

Minimum $250 service charge per month. Minimum 3-month agreements.

Your Challenge

Set up a 30-day challenge for teams of employees to compete for in support of a common cause!

We’re flexible. Just tell us how you want teams to be divided. By department? Location or site? Randomized to encourage new relationships?

Then, we’ll take it from there.

Set Your Donation Prize Structure

Pledge a dollar amount you’ll put into the donation prize pool for teams of employees to compete for. 

*Other prizes may be offered or included to increase engagement (e.g. Cash giveaways, Free catered lunches)

Employees Compete
to Win!

The top employee team(s) will win your sponsored donation prizes for their chosen charities.

They’ll feel amazing about the impact they’ve made. They’ll gain company-wide bragging rights. And you’ll have an uplifting PR story to tell your entire network of employees, customers, and shareholders.


Start your first employee campaign with Kilter!
Pricing based on number of employees. Please contact friends@kilterrewards.com to get a quote, or schedule a demo.

Choose A Competitor

Have a company that you’d love to beat out in a fitness competition? Challenge them to a dual!

We’ll set this fierce, yet healthy event up for you.

Bid a Donation Amount

Agree to a dollar amount each company will put into the donation prize pool. 

Each company picks a charity to compete for as an organization.

Winner Take All!

The company with the highest average score wins the entire pot for their chosen cause!


30-Day Challenge
Challenge another company to a 30-day fitness challenge!
Pricing based on number of employees. Please contact friends@kilterrewards.com to tell us which two companies will be participating and to receive a quote. Or, schedule a free demo to learn more.


"The people that typically hung back in other employee events like parties and other fundraising activities became very involved, because there was competition involved, and it felt very sports oriented."

-Lindsey H., HR Director at MAP International
MAP International Corporate Relations Team
We’ve never been this motivated to work out so consistently
Gabriel H.
“I'm motivated by the charitable activities that take place along with a little competitive bug I have in me. My morning rituals prepare me for the day: meditate, cycle, do jumping jacks, squats, stretch, plank push-ups, leg lifts, and some free weight routines. I also go on evening walks with the dogs and weekend bike rides.”
Ryan R.
“I support Dane County Humane Society. I like the accountability that it holds me to. The rewards are a bonus but, Kilter keeps me on track for my overall health and fitness goals.”
Elle S.
“I enjoy fitness challenges, especially when they are with a group and for a cause. I am excited my company is using Kilter to promote a healthy lifestyle and give to a good cause.”
Kathy C.
“I am so excited to share my acceptance to the Kilter Rewards program and my Relay for Life promise. The Kilter Rewards program has inspired me to move something every day! Whether I walk, run, lift weights, do sit ups, or take the stairs, the program helps to remind me to move something.”
Natalie C.
“Kilter Rewards is the wind beneath my wings. The challenge makes me feel like I'm a part of something much larger than myself. I love that my coworkers have become my teammates, and the impact we can make through the challenge reaches far beyond the walls of our office.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If I choose a workplace giving campaign, is there a year-long commitment?

No. There's only an annual commitment for programs set up as voluntary employee benefits. You may choose set up a one time campaign with Kilter with no additional commitments.

I have no extra time. Can Kilter help me with marketing & communications to my employees?

Yes! Our team will create fliers and e-mail campaigns on your behalf to make promotion and employee on-boarding an absolute breeze. All you'll be required to do is press send.

I want to run a campaign for one charity this month, and a different one next month? Is that possible?

Yes! You can choose to change your campaign every month for new charities every month if you wish. You may also add multiple charity options at any time if there are more than one charity you'd like to allow employees to give to during a given campaign.

I don't want to choose a charity. Can I just let employees choose whatever they want?

Yes! We can open up our entire charity network to allow your employees to choose any charity they want to.

I don't want to write a ton of donation checks. Can Kilter help me with that?

Yes! We can help facilitate donation processing for you and you will still receive 100% of the tax benefits.

What kind of reporting will I get back?

Kilter will deliver a full range of analytics reports to you. You'll be able to see participation metrics, donation metrics, detailed activity metrics, and more! Is there a certain type of report you need? Let us know!

I'm interested in challenging another company! How do we set this up?

Great choice! Competitions like this can be a huge opportunity to come together as a full team. We can help you send a "challenge request" to the company you'd like to compete against. Let us know who you'd like to go up against and we can help reach out for you, if needed.

I want to make sure the charities receiving donations know how and why they're getting money. Can you create a templated donation letter for us?

Yep! We can create a letterhead with your brand that can be shared with the charities benefitting from your employees' efforts.

How long is the set up process?

Very quick. We can get your program set up within a day or two. We typically suggest ~2 weeks to deliver promotional materials to your employees.