Our mission is to make a positive impact on the health of the world. We believe in building a platform that motivates every individual to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle because they will be able to do better for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.
Made with love in Madison, WI
Meet US


Founder, CEO
Seth Braddock
Lead Engineer
Alex Bakken
Head of Marketing & Client Success
Julian Lavelle
Community Development Manager
Rachael Mou-Thiel
Mobile Engineer
Jan Rajaratnam
Community Development Manager
Madison Yachinich
Meet US


Board President (former VP of Sales, Crowdrise)
Bryan Lively
Board Member, Co-Owner Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group
Harrie Bakst
Board Member, Co-Owner Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group
Sara Weinstein
Board Member, Managing Partner HealthX Ventures
Mark Bakken


1. Practice Inclusivity
2. Work Hard. Create Opportunity
3. Inspire & Activate Healthy Choices
4. Build Culture & Community
5. Make a Positive Global Impact

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