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Kilter is the world's most inclusive supporter engagement platform. We work directly with nonprofits and corporations to bring you best-in-class experiences to enable you to turn your daily activities into opportunities to support your favorite causes.

Join our community and Donate Your Hustle by downloading the free app or visit our Events page to explore our events.

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Invited by a charity, employer, or found us through a promotion for a specific event? Join it! Just interested in competing to win in public competitions? Great! Join one of our free or paid events to get in the game.

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Complete daily activities to earn points in your events. Points will be contributed to a live, interactive leaderboard as you compete as an individual or with a team of friends, family, or colleagues!

Compete to Win

Different events will have different prizes, like cash giveaways and awesome products. The one thing that will always remain the same is your ability to earn contributions for your favorite charities.







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Kilter combines two of your most important employee engagement initiatives: wellness & charitable giving. Learn more about how Kilter can help you keep employees connected, motivated to be healthy, and improve your customer net promoter scores.



Looking for a new way to engage your donor base and attract new supporters? Seamlessly integrate Kilter as your new resource to promote healthy lifestyles across your community and shatter your original fundraising goals!

Learn more about our custom virtual fitness fundraising events and how we we've helped charities beat their fundraising goals by over 65%.


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Becoming a sponsor for one of Kilter events helps you reach a highly engaged target audience of health and fitness conscious people.

Choose to sponsor our monthly public free or paid events, or sponsor a specific event for one of our partner charities that align with your goals.

With Kilter, up to 70% of your sponsorship dollars are tax deductible.



Dane County Diaper Bank
“Kilter has provided an effortless new revenue stream for the Dane County Diaper Bank - no length grant applications, email campaigns, or ongoing deliverables so we can continue to focus on doing good in our community. It has also allowed us to engage our supporters in a mutually beneficial way, as well as attract new donors who had never heard of us prior to joining a Kilter challenge.”
-Megan S., Executive Director
World Animal Protection
“Kilter opened our eyes to the ease and convenience of hosting a virtual event to engage our supporters. The team was SO helpful, friendly, thoughtful and easy to work with. We definitely recommend other organizations to partner with them to get supporters healthy and active in a unique way, especially during these times when safety is key.”
-Angela K.
SAVMA Chapter-UW Madison
“Our Wags For Wellness 5K team is so grateful to have gotten to work with Kilter. Before Seth reached out to us, we were going to have to cancel our event due to COVID-19. However, by moving our 5K to a virtual version on Kilter, we were not only able to continue with our race, but we completely surpassed our fundraising goal! Our participants loved the modified version of our 5K on Kilter  & many would like to see a component of it included during our in-person race next year for those who cannot physically attend. Thank you Kilter!”
- Bailey P.
Elle S.
“I enjoy fitness challenges, especially when they are with a group and for a cause. I am excited my company is using Kilter to promote a healthy lifestyle and give to a good cause.”
Kathy C.
“I am so excited to share my acceptance to the Kilter Rewards program and my Relay for Life promise. The Kilter Rewards program has inspired me to move something every day! Whether I walk, run, lift weights, do sit ups, or take the stairs, the program helps to remind me to move something.”
Dane County Humane Society
“Dane County Humane Society is proud to partner with local businesses! Thank you to everyone who chose DCHS as your nonprofit beneficiary and to Kilter Rewards for including us in this project. As a local, nonprofit animal shelter, we rely on the support of our community to care for over 9,000 animals each year. Thanks to Kilter Rewards for helping to make that possible!”
-Sarah L., Development Supervisor
Natalie C.
“Kilter Rewards is the wind beneath my wings. The challenge makes me feel like I'm a part of something much larger than myself. I love that my coworkers have become my teammates, and the impact we can make through the challenge reaches far beyond the walls of our office.”
Barb R.
“The company I work for, NeuGen, is competing in the Spring Cause Challenge. I was motivated to join this challenge through Kilter Rewards because Kilter will be donating $1,000 to a charity of the winning team's choice. And, so far, NeuGen is in the lead! And, if exercising will provide funds to people who need it, I will participate 365 days a year.”

Sharme R.
"It’s because of your app that I finally started going to the gym again after all these years. When the gym closed because of the pandemic, I was grateful that you offered full credit for manual entries. I have worked out every day since downloading your app. I’m feeling stronger. Thank you for this program."